S e a   V e  g e t a b l e s

Sea vegetables or seaweeds are part of the normal diet from some of the oldest countries such as Japan.

Seaweeds are very rich in minerals, that is the reason why they are esential in the occidental diet. It is recommended to eat every day a small amout of seaweeds, 5- 10 %, a day. Each kind of seaweeds have a special way of preparation, it is important to know them so they can keep thier benefits and we can enjoy thier good flavour.  

There are many kind of seaweeds, howerver in the macrobiotic there are mosly used the ones we mantion below. 

Every seaweed vary from one to another, thier nutritional and medical values, the way of cooking them, all this we explain in the classes, in order to take more adventages of them, they should be studied deeper. 

The following recipes are for those who already know macrobiotic, because we do not specify thier benefits and pervious preparetion.

A r a m e

Ohitashi Salad with Arame

Prepare the salad ohitashi with the basic recipe. (Without the kuzu sauce)  Add arame before cooked only or with onion and shoyu. (They can be remains of the previous day) To mix well. Ideal accompaniment of millet.

N o r i

Little Rice Balls

Prepared some brown rice with the basic recipe. Toasted nori is cut in 4, the little bolls are formed with the rice, put an umeboshi inside them, they are wrapped with the nori. They must remain totally covered.

Notice: They Are ideal when one goes of tripm since they bear a couple of days without be keeping thme in the regrigerator. It is a good alternative for singles,  when they do not   wante to cook every day.

H i z i k i  

Hiziki with Almonds

Soak the hiziki as usual. Simmer them for aprox.  35 minutes, add shoyu, leave them other 20 minutes. toast the almonds, mix them with the hiziki, decorate them with parsley or scallions.

A g a r   A g a r

Udon Kanten 

Cook the udon and leave them to get a bit cool. Cut them into strips of aprox. 5 cm. In the same water of the udon, in the broth, add 15 g. of agar agar let it boil. keep on  stiring until they are dissolved.Add some  shoyu or salt and some ginger juice

Grates a carrot and  add it to the broth, leave it a few minutes  untill they get  a bit  soft. In Put the udon in a form add the broth to cover it. Lleave it to get like a gelly. Excellent dish for the summer.

K o m b u

Kombu Dashi

Soak of kombu in 3 cups of water for minimum 3 hours. After that, set it  boil 15-30 minutes, the longer you boil it, the more intensive  is the flavor. Adds vegetable cut in the shape of chrysanthemums, salt or shoyu and boil it 10 more minutes. Decorate it with parsley. You can add some fish flakes or small fish cubes. Another alternative is  to added cooked cereals (remains of the previous day)

W a k a m e 

Prepare a pickle with red radish. Soak some wakame and add it to the pickle. Add umeboshi vinegar and some mirin. Decorate it with toasted sesame seeds.

D u l s e

Prepares some udon or soba (or any another whole wheat pasta) with vegetables and kuzu sauce. Add toasted dulse, mix well.


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