B r o w n   R i c e   C u r e 

This recipe is for a 10 to 14 day cure. It is equal to a colon wash, it is a very deeply treatment. 

We suggest to do it before changing your diet and after have taken part of a cooking course, (is is proper for people who already knows macrobiotic), because when it is finished, there are some points that have to be considered.

After to have done this cure once, it is recommended to do it once or twice a year.  

Important notice: Before you start with the cure, please read
our advices.

Recipe for one person for one day:

2 cups of whole wheat, small round rice
3 cups of water (if is not cooked in a pressure cooker add 4 cups water)
a pinch of sea salt per cap rice  

Wash the rice very well, place it in a pressure cooker together with water, when it boils add salt and cover it. Turn the flame low, cook it for 45. Leave the pressure to release by it self, about 10-15, wait another 10, open the cooker and mix it well.

Use following condiments:

Nori, two shits a day




Adjustments to a More Healthful Diet

When you change to a more healthful way of eating you may experience some physical and mental reactions during a short transition period. The times vary but can last from three to ten days, and sometimes for up to four months. Such physical and mental reactions have various symptoms, but none of them have any harmful or lasting influence.

Don't worry if you experience these reactions. They are usually desirable, since most of them are either symptomatic displays of the recovery process, or the elimination of accumulated toxins from the body.

  • General fatigue

  • Aches and pains

  • Fevers, chills, and coughing

  • Abnormal sweating and frequent urination

  • Skin discharge and unusual body odors

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Decrease in sexual desire and vitality

  • Temporary cessation of menstruation

  • Mental irritability

  • Disturbed sleep

These symptoms vary from person to person, depending on individual constitution and condition, and usually require no special treatment, naturally ceasing as the body makes functional adjustments and begins to work better. In the event that the symptoms are severe, modify your diet to include 10 to 30 percent of your previous foods. This may mean including one to two pieces of fruit each day if you were a big fruit eater, or two to four ounces of milk if you were a heavy milk drinker. This will slow the discharge process. When you are stable and feel better, eliminate these recent additions and clean up the diet again.

The transition symptoms are of short duration especially if the condition of our digestive system has not been affected by any sickness and we have not had unhealthy dietary habits in the past. More pronounced reactions occur if someone has used drugs or medications and has received surgery especially if organs have been removed.