D r i n k s 

Wheat Tea

A Refreshing Drink

Toast a teaspoon of wheat for 1`0 minutes. Boil it in a cup of water during 15 minutes. You can drink it warms in the winter and to temperature environment in summer. Drink only the liquid. The wheat can be used for a miso soup.

Try this recipe with rice and barley instead wheat.

Soba Tea 

When you cook soba, use the water where you cook it, add some salt or shoyu. Drink it hot in winter in order to heat the body.

Azukis Juice

Drink the juice from the azukis cooked with kombu and shoyu. This drink is the best natural  remedy to cure kidney illness.

Umeboshi Juice

Alkaline drink

Boil an umeboshi in a liter of water, filter it. Drink it hot. It is an excellent drink to eliminate the acidity caused by excessively yin food.