Healing Cooking Courses

Enjoy an experiential of tasting, learning and cooking Macrobiotic food based on the YIN & YANG principles.

The main objective of this eating regime is to prevent and to heal ourselves from all kinds of sickness that the human being can suffer. 

Whether you have a specific health concern, just want to find out about healthy living, or learn to cook another style of food in a relaxing atmosphere then… this is the time for you! 

The Principal Aims of this course are: to help every person to explore their own life in relation with the nourishment. To discover a fundamental perspective of the kitchen, on diets and preparation of natural food that normaly we ignor.

Now days we all are in the search of how to adopt a healthy, revitalizing and energetic, diet, and how to keep our health in balanced,  in order to avoid stress, tension, disorders and most common diseases.

In this Course you learn the bases to plan a menu personalized and adapted to the different stations of the year. - as soon as you have perfectly  understood the Yin and Yang theory and the 5 elements in the nourishment, it is very easy to support the balance between body, mind and spirit. We are what we eat. All the diseases both physical and psychic are generated by the food that we consume. We forget that each one is responsible for its own happiness.

We are free to choose that, that will take us towards HEALTH, HARMONY and PEACE.

D I A R Y  2 0 1 4


Part 1: 

  • Macrobiotic History and Philosophy

  • The principals of Yin and Yang  part 1.

  • Standard diet to improve the level of our immune system

  • Introduction of specific macrobiotic products

 Part 2:

  • The five elements and their effect on food

  • Classification of Yin & Yang food

  • Yin & Yang principles part 2

  • Introduction of specific macrobiotic products

Part 3:

  • Examples of menus: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Healing remedies (inter treatments)

  • How to prepare different kinds of Sea vegetables and their composition and benefits

  • The theory of acid and alkaline

 Part 4:

  • Healing remedies (external treatments)

  • Useful advices

  • The seven main conditions to obtain health and happiness 

 Part 5: (optional)

  • Introduction of DO IN, Japanese exercises for physical energy and mental relaxation 

  • Party Snacks and quick meals

 In all Classes:  

  • How to organize and create healthy meals

  • Introduction of macrobiotic products and their benefits

  • Introduction of macrobiotic equipment

  • Affects of food in our body and their healing power

  • Useful advices to organize your kitchen

  • Recipes of the menus that we prepare in class

  • Methods of how to cut and wash food and their energetic qualities

  • Cooking styles and their qualities

In all classes we prepare a menu base on:

  • Soup

  • Pickle or salad

  • Grains

  • Protein

  • Vegetables

  • Sea vegetables

  • Dessert

  • One or two drinks

At the end of the course, we make a Party, every one bring some food prepared and create for one self.


Free Course

Get a gruop of at least 4 persons and your course will be free!

P r i c e s 

4 Classes (aprox. 12 hours) 
Price:140 €

Optional class 
Price: 35 €

Desserts Workshops 
Price: 35 €

In all courses and workshops are the meals and the recipes included 
Groups of  6 to  10 persons.


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