C o n d i m e n t s 

There are a variety of the richest spices based on seaweeds and seeds. Knowing the food that you may eat, it is very easy to create rich and different condiments. Apart from gomasio, tekka, miso, many combinations can be done. Here are only a couple of ideas.


Toast a par of wakame sheets in the oven preheated to 180 º  for  3-5 minutes. They should be  be wel toasted. Toast a spoonful of sea salt. Ground the salt and the wakame in a suribashi until you habe a podwer. Preserve it in a glass well closed. This condiment is very rich in minerals, it shloud be consume in very small amouts. You can put it on rice, barley, millet, etc

Tekka with Sesame

Mix a teaspoon of tekka with 14 teaspoones of toasted sesame seeds. Like gomasio,grond it in the suribachi. It is used in cereals or vegetables. This is a very yang condiment, it is recommended to take it when the climate is  yin.